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This is how you use Alkala N

The ideal times to take an alkaliser are 10 am and 4pm, the low energetic time for the pancreas according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Taking an alkaliser during these times supports and boosts the activity of the pancreas in addition to aiding digestion. If this is inconvenient taking it twice daily in the morning and before bed will do just fine.

Alkala N should be taken on an empty stomach to avoid interference with the hydrochloric acid production needed for digestion of food, at least 20 minutes before or two hours after eating. Alkala N should be taken with warm water, as this allows the alkaliser to bypass the stomach through the pyloric sphincter and go directly into the duodenum to be absorbed. It is important to monitor the levels of the pH during the time of using Alkala N and the pH values should remain between 7.0 and 8.0 while alkalising, as this alkaline state helps use up the excess hydrogen ions.

Dosage of Alkala N is generally between ½ Scoop to 1 scoop two to three times daily, depending on how acidic the body is. Add scoop to 300mls of warm water and sip slowly over a 5 to 10 minute period.

The length of time to take Alkala N depends on the pH values. Generally, Alkala N is taken for approximately five to six months and should be combined with an alkaline diet, however in some case with extreme acidosis of the tissue, Alkala N may be taken up to two years, naturally if one is going to take Alkala N for two years it is best to take one month break from the Alkala N each year and the dose lowered after 8 months. It is best at one scoop per day.

In taking Alkala N it is recommended that it is initially taken for two months, and then stopped for a few days, and then the pH levels are measured again. If these values are still on the acidic side, then continue alkalising for another month each time stopping for a few days and retesting, continue until the desired pH is reached. The Alkala N is mechanically shifting the acid out of the body, and it is said that what Alkala N can do in three to four months, will take over two to three years to accomplish the same results eating a vegetarian diet alone.

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